Specs and history of my 67 El Camino
Update 3/12/2005

Some pictures:

 I tangle with a very fast LTD


Another Launch Picture

Engine 1

Engine 2

On Trailer


Ready to go racing

My 1967 El Camino was purchased on May 27, 1999. It came with a +- 360 HP 355 SBC and TH 350 trans. I wasn't looking for a high powered EC but rather a replacement for my 66. However. when I saw this car I was impressed with what the previous owner had done. I bought it with the thought of going drag racing. I had already turned down a couple 67's, one was rougher than I wanted and the other, while very nice, was painted black. I just didn't need the extra work a black car requires. The body of the 67 I finally got is near perfect and has a decent paint job (white), although, it is missing the front bumper. My 67 started life as a 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree car. When I got it a 355 engine and TH 350 trans were already installed. This engine went the way of the dinosaurs when the oil strainer parted company with the pickup tube. The next engine, with KB pistons and reconditioned rod, lost a rod and blew a hole in #1 cylinder wall (probably due to detonation). The current engine was built during the Spring of 2002. 1.6 Comp Pro Magnum rockers added in December 2002. The car is trailered but could, with a few minor changes, be street driven. California car, no rust.

Best time to date, 7.26 and 93.37 mph in the 1/8 mile with a 1.61 60' ---- 1/4 mile 11.50 @ 115 mph 1.53 60'.


Chassis: Trans: Interior: Body: Goes with the car: Sold 5/1/05